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Reliable SANKEI Brand

This pride and technological prowess is also applied aggressively to new product development.
Japan is renowned throughout the world for its excellent products, and this reputation has been built heavily
on the high precision of the parts used to make these very products.
At SANKEI, we are currently putting all our energy into bringing our customers a complete range
of multistage cold formers embodying the very essence of our leading prowess in part manufacturing.
SANKEI’s products are of course built to the highest levels of quality, and have always been
produced in response to users’ needs for low cost, to meet tight deadlines, and for high-mix low-volume.
Not only that, but the needs of our customers are also becoming more and more sophisticated. With our eyes firmly focused on such a future, it is necessary that we at SANKEI move with the times and respond to the needs of our customers not only in terms of product size and shape, but also by producing products with new materials, and aggressively pursue product development by exploiting our unique technological prowess and latest facilities.

Company Profile
  Executive officers Chairman Ryozo Kawai
President Yasufumi Kawai
Director Atsushi Kawai
  Founded 1938
  Established 1970
  Capital 30 million yen
  Major businesses Cold heading part manufacturing for automobile industry, cutting work, rolling, assembly work (welding, caulking, assembly)
  No.1 plant/No.2 plant
550 Misaki, Kisosaki, Kuwana 498-0814, Mie, Japan
  No.3 plant/No.4 plant 550 Misaki, Kisosaki, Kuwana 498-0814, Mie, Japan
  Distribution center 25-2 Sannowari, Kitsunejicho, Yatomi 490-0051, Aichi, Japan
  Overseas plant  : [B.T.America, Inc]
415 South Main St. P.O.BOX 818 Boiling Springs, NC 28017 USA

 : [PT.Tiga Karunia Indonesia]
 Block QQ - 8 MM 2100 Industrial Town
 Cibitung 17520 BEKASI West Java INDONESIA

 : [Shanghai xù huì Trading Co., Ltd.]
 No.28 Xinhan Rd,Xinchang Industries Park,
 Pudong New Area,Shanghai,China,201314.
 (inside:Shanghai Hua'an Automobile Components Co.,Ltd)
  1938 Founded under name of “Kanegen Shoten” by first president.
Commenced operations selling round nails, custom nails, steel wire and wire in Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya.
  1948 Commenced operations manufacturing and selling rivet equipment under name of “Kawai Shoten”.
  1970 Renamed company “SANKEI BOLT” and established private limited company.
  1995 Constructed American plant (B.T.America.Inc) in North Carolina with start-up cost of $700,000.
  1997 Established “SANKEI Co.,Ltd.” with capital of 15 million yen.
  1998 Obtained patent for manufacturing technique using sheet roller.
Received investment from Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd.
  2000 Obtained ISO9002-1994 certificate.
  2002 ISO9001-2000 transition audit completed and certificate obtained.
  2003 Increased capital to 30 million yen.
  2004 Constructed new distribution center in Yatomi, Aichi.
  2005 Constructed No.3 plant and commenced assembly work.
  2006 Constructed No.4 plant and commenced partial manufacturing of cutting and tapping equipment.
  2012 May  Established "PT.Tiga Karunia Indonesia" in Indonesia
Oct Established "Shanghai xù huì Trading Co., Ltd." in China
  ※Joint venture with "Shanghai Hua'an Automobile Components Co.,Ltd"